Fix: Laravel Entrust Permissions Caching Issue

Entrust is a great Laravel package to quickly add role based permission access controls to your web application. It has a lot of features and is quite flexible with how and where you want to check for correct permissions, be it in the middleware, blade template or any where in your code.

One problem with first time users of the package is that it is not clear on how to set caching for the roles and permissions. It actually uses the default cache drive set in your .env file, and one would assume it would cache the permissions/roles automatically. Unfortunately this was not the case – on every page load, for every permission/role check, a DB query was being run. For example, in my case, I had a sidebar blade template which would check the permissions and display the link accordingly. That resulted in hundreds of the same query to run on the database.

So, digging into Entrust’s code, I found out that it references a config variable (Config::get(‘cache.ttl’)) that is not available/set in the default Laravel installation. This is called in these two files: EntrustUserTrait.php and EntrustRoleTrait.php.

To fix it, in your config/cache.php you will have to add a new config variable ttl and set to to the number of minutes you want the cache to live, below example sets it to 60 minutes:

ttl => 60

I don’t know why it was not placed in their own config file (config/entrust.php), but for the time being, this should work.

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